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Just Juicy Collection

Your lips just got a little more juicy!

Get lost in our variety of lip glosses, toppers, glazes, and scrubs. Pick out a few shades (or a lot), find a new makeup routine, and transform your lips into their softest, juiciest form.

Meet the women who inspired the gloss.

Each color and shade is dedicated to a JCA family member who has inspired us in some way, shape, or form.

As an ode to the women in our lives who have persevered against adversity, challenged the status quo, and fought for their beliefs - Jada Cianne Artistry is dedicated to you.

Our Brand Is...

Created by women, for every kind of makeup enthusiast.

Our products encourage everyone to feel empowered in their skin, no matter the shape, shade, or size. We are all unique, strong, and powerful - just like our glosses.


Our lip glosses come with a built-in LED light and a portable mirror. Perfect for touch-ups on the go.


Your lip gloss should be the least of your concerns. Our lip glosses are long-lasting and full coverage, allowing you to spend less time on your lips, and more time in the moment.


Lip glosses that are easy to pack, and easy to use. Our lip products fit neatly into your pocket or purse, no matter where you are.


Made with high quality ingredients, our products last hours without diminishing shine. Jada Cianne Artistry has the perfect lip glosses to plump and pout your lips.